Forwarding Service

DHL Global Mail

DHL Global Mail
A fast, reliable and cost-effective way to send mail worldwide.

Reaching your customers quickly, reliably and cost effectively is vital. With DHL’s Global Mail, send all your business mail and parcels and take advantage of a robust suite of services—from pickup and sorting to postage and delivery.

Features and Benefits
  • International mailing service to more than 220 countries and territories
  • Priority delivery in 4 - 8 days, Standard delivery in 7 - 14 days, Economy delivery in 14+ days
  • Flexible and special routing options through respected postal authorities including the United States Postal Service (USPS)
  • Rates inclusive of pickup, sorting, postage and delivery
  • Knowledgeable and personalized customer service 24/7
  • Proactive monitoring and routing options
  • Direct billing to your existing DHL account
  • Extensive range of value-added services to meet every mailing need

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