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What are Courier's Receipt

Courier's Receipt

The courier's receipt is issued by a courier (or expedited delivery service). The courier's receipt must indicate the name of the courier (or expedited delivery service) and be stamped, signed or otherwise authenticated on its face and indicate a date of pick-up or of receipt or wording to this effect, the date is deemed to be the date of shipment or dispatch.

Unless the letter of credit (L/C) specifically calls for a document issued by a named courier (or expedited delivery service), a document issued by any courier (or expedited delivery service) is acceptable.

Courier Shipments

The delivery charge by courier is higher than by parcel post. However, the courier shipment is faster and generally offers better security against theft and pilferage. The nature of a courier shipment is similar to a parcel post shipment. Since the goods are consigned directly to the importer, the exporter must not dispatch the goods unless the cheque is cashed or the integrity of the importer is unquestionable.

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