Forwarding Service

What is CY and CFS

The respective meaning of the terms CY and CFS is as follows:



container yard



container freight station

CY versus CFS
The CY and CFS apply to the manner and the location of the cargo delivery and receipt in a container service. The CY is the delivery (or receipt) of a whole container from (or at) the shipper's or the forwarder's (or the consignee's) cargo yard or premises. The CFS is the delivery (or receipt) of loose cargo from (or at) the carrier's container freight station.

The container freight station (CFS) is operated by the carrier for the receipt, forwarding, and assembling or disassembling of cargo. Normally, the container freight station is a customs clearance center.

The CFS service may be necessary under any of the following circumstances:
The kind of cargo and quantity of order does not warrant the use of the whole container.
The shipper's or the consignee's premises are inaccessible by container due to poor road conditions (e.g. narrow road) and location (e.g. remote area not served by container).
The overall load of vehicle exceeds the legal limitation.
The shipper or the consignee lacks the necessary container loading or unloading equipment.

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