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European anti-terrorism rules for airfreight postponed until April

European commissioner for transport Siim Kallas announced Wednesday the postponement of the starting date of anti-terrorism rules for companies who use airfreight.
The tougher rules – known as the “known cosigner” status – will be implemented April 29 instead of March 25 due to the European Shippers’ Council (ESC) protesting against the original state date.
The rules dictate that companies who use airfreight must take specific security and employee-training measures in order to receive this status. They can apply for the known cosigner status at a domestic agency.

If companies don’t follow these rules, their freight can’t be loaded on board an aircraft without prior extensive screening measures.
Most companies in countries such as the Netherlands already have achieved the known cosigner status, but companies in many Eastern and Southern European countries haven’t. That’s why ESC thinks that the anti-terrorism measure could cause a disturbance in the air cargo supply chain.
ESC urges all uncertified shippers to prepare for the known cosigner status before the new deadline.

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