Our packing cartons and packing material

Our packing cartons and packing material
collapse0 Are there charges for empty cartons?
There is no charge for our specifically designed shipment cartons. It is difficult to anticipate how many cartons you may require to pack your excess baggage so we encourage you to order a few extras to be delivered. Seven Seas Worldwide requires a non-refundable deposit when you place an order .This is not an extra charge and will be deducted from your final balance.
collapse0 Can I use my own cartons?
Yes, but please ensure that your cartons are made of strong cardboard. If you are unsure, please use our cartons, they are FREE, chemically hardened and specifically designed for international sea and air shipping protection of your excess baggage. If you do send your own cartons, please provide us with their exact dimensions (length, width and height) so we can give you an exact quote.
collapse0 Do you provide FREE packing material?
We provide FREE packing material which is specifically designed for long-distance international shipping of excess baggage to protect your excess baggage (bubble wrap, marker pen, packing tape). This is automatically delivered to you at the same time as we deliver our empty packing boxes to you.
collapse0 How long can I keep the cartons for?
There is no time limit. Please do not leave the delivery of your empty cartons till the last minute, allow yourself plenty of time to pack.

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