Personal Effects Luggage

The most reliable Door-to-Door service for Personal Effects (Luggage)

FordEx is one of the leading company in Personal Effect (Baggage) to Taiwan and HK. We are proud of our Door-to-Door service by providing a competitive rate with reliable service (0% loss goods since the project start) and also have multi-languages speakers with local knowledges to answer your requests.

FordEx Personal Effect product ranges:

  • Door to door airfreight and seafreight service
  • Free packing materials, including boxes, bubble wraps and tapes

Why choose FordEx?

  • More than 140 FordEx offices globally, including more than 70 offices in the Greater China
  • Door-to-Door duration: SEA - 7~8 weeks; AIR - 7 working days
  • Chinese/English speakers, No communication barrier!
  • Secured procedure, 0% lost luggages!
  • No deposit is required!
  • At least 30 mins reminder call before arrival(*)
  • Well-experieced in group shipping;
  • All sizes luggages acceptable, including luggages;
  • Quick and Convience Door-to-Door service;


  1. Contact FordEx for quotation and order materials
  2. Packing by customers
  3. Contact FordEx to confirm a collection date
  4. Collection and deliver to FordEx warehouse
  5. Pieces confirm by FordEx and issue invoice to your e-mail
  6. Payment arranged and deliver to destination, we accept cheque, online banking, pay-in service at local bank, and debit/credit card(3% surcharge for credit card)
  7. Arrived at destination address

Price effective from 2nd June 2010

Special Promotion for the 30th Anniversary


Door-to-Door︰UK to Hong Kong and Taiwan

  Taiwan HK
  Price Price
1st Box £90 £75
Thereafter £ 20/ Box £ 20/ Box


Door-to-Door︰UK to Hong Kong, Singapore,and Taiwan

Minimum £ 190.00 £ 200.00
Flat Rate £ 4.00
per kilo
£ 4.00
per kilo

After arriving at destination port, if several destination addresses delivery required: Taiwan - £3 /pieces; HK - £2/pieces


  1. Carton size: Big - 47cm *47cm *50cm
  2. Additional GBP 30 for Scotland region.
  3. Maximum 30 kg per piece.
  4. Customers are responsible for any custom related charges, i.e. x-ray, import tax.
  5. It is owner's responsibility to seal the box, please make sure every gap is sealed. We ONLY responsible for the safety of the boxes not the contents.
  6. Take note of what is packed. Sender / Reciever will be held responsible for any illegal items packed.
  7. Collection / Delivery times is between AM (9AM - 12PM) / PM (12~17pm) Monday to Friday, driver will call approx. 30 mins before arriving.
  8. If you have group shipping or any question, please contact one of our staffs.
  9. Cancellation Fee: £5 /box

If you would like to choose Dimerco service, please complete the booking form below and send it to Personal_Effects_FordEx

Delivery Booking Form (Empty Boxes)
Name: (Chinese and English Name)
Contact Number (UK):
Address (UK):
Boxes require: ______ big boxes
Delivery Date: dd/mm/yyyy
Delivery Time: AM(9am~12pm) or PM(12~5pm)

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