TT or Cash Advance

   TT or Cash Advance

FordEx accept T.T (wire transfer) payment term, paying from all over the world to our assigned account in China or HK. We accept wire transfer in advance after shipment and agreement confirmation between clients and FordEx.

    About Cargo Released and ship out

FordEx will release and ship out your goods on/before the shipping payment arrival and show up on our account.

    Regarding bank procedure fee

 Due to the very small and margin profit on shipping service, so all the bank procedure fee and handle fee will be paid by clients(Consignee or buyers), the arrival and show up payment which must full the same as the invoice shipping charge.

  • T/T is the easiest payment from and is typically used when samples or small quantity shipments are transported by air.

  • T/T is also used between buyers and sellers who have already established a mutual trust, as this negates the risks associated with this, the fastest and cheapest form of payment.

  • Documents like air waybills, commercial invoices and packing lists will be sent to you along with the shipment in the same aircraft.

  • As soon as the shipment arrives, you, with documentation, can clear the customs and pick up the goods. Shipping happens only after money is safely in seller's ****.

  • It usually takes 3-4 days for such a wire transfer anywhere in the world.

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