What Restricted & Prohibited Items should NOT be shipped?

- Jewelry
- Pressurized spray cans
- Alcohol (in hand luggage only)
- Any flammable, hazardous, or toxic substances
- Perishable goods such as food
- Open bottles containing any liquids or other contents
- Fire arms (license required in some countries)
- Live plants or seeds (license required in some countries)
- Valuable and important papers such as family records, birth certificates, marriage documents, financial information and other such documents.

Common items that we cannot accept for carriage or strorage are:

Prohibited Items

Restricted Items

         Explosive Material          Flammable Items


         Toxic Chemicals




             Other Items


  For a list of unacceptable items on all TG (UPS) services click here

  For a short list of DHL’s standard prohibited items click here

  For FedEx click here (under heading number 8)

  For a list of DPD's restricted items, click here

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