What kind of Documentation i should prepare if i want to ship from FordEx

We recommend you attach a packing list to all shipments for security purposes. All shipments moved by air are x-rayed and it is helpful for the operator to know the contents of the package(s).

       Shipments travelling to non EU destinations must be accompanied by 2 copies of a commercial invoice or for private shipments a valued packing list.

       If you have your own invoices then please use them ...  OR ...

       ... Our online booking system will generate an Invoice / Packing List so long as the details and value of the shipment is entered ...  OR ...

       ... If you prefer we have links below to basic templates as well as other customs documentation ...

       General Packing List Forms

       Download the packing list / invoice and send it with your shipment (2 copies required).

       FordEx Packing List Form.doc

       FordEx Sending Invoice Form.xls

 Worldwide Customs Forms

       The following forms should be used as a minimum requirement to accompany goods to all worldwide destinations.

    *      FordEx Fumigation Form.doc                                         

    *      FordEx FA Form.doc        FordEx CO Form.doc            


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